Wildlife Acoustics announce updated EM3 the EM3+

So there’s a new handheld detector on the horizon as Wildlife Acoustics release the EM3+.

The EM3+ seems to be a tweak rather than a full upgrade with the main differences over the EM3 being ergonomic; improved buttons and a lanyard to secure the detector during use. Early adopters may take the view it’s the machine the EM3 should have been on release.

I’m guessing there’ll still be noise generated from hand movements and it’ll be interesting to see if Wildlife Acoustics have managed to isolate the white noise encountered during GPS use.

More info here: http://www.wildlifeacoustics.com/products/echo-meter-em3

NHBS Pre Order link: http://www.nhbs.com/echo_meter_em3+_bat_detector_tefno_191574.html