Lascar USB2 Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

Lascar USB2 temperature and Humidity Datalogger – £49.95 (at time of press)


Pro’s: Small, cheap and easily programmable.

Cons: Batteries need ordering (ebay is your friend here)

Lascar USB2 Datalogger

Lascar USB2 Datalogger

The Lascar USB2 datalogger is small, cheap and a very unobtrusive datalogger that’s perfect for recording conditions in bat roosts and hibernation sites. This datalogger is very suitable for monitoring crevices due to it’s size.

Lascar monitoring crevices

Lascar USB2 monitoring Temp/Rh in crevices used by Natterer's bats

Very easy to program with the supplied EasyLog USB software I tend to set them up to monitor at half hour intervals which means the battery lasts one year even in sub zero temperatures experienced during winter in exposed sites. Shorter intervals are possible but this obviously affects battery life.

With a netbook and a pocket of spare 1/2AA lithium batteries you can download and reset dataloggers in the field with ease.

Data downloads can be viewed either within EasyLog or imported into excel or similar spreadsheet programs.