Tablet or phone powered bat detection is almost here.

It’s great to see two developments nearing completion which both revolve around Dodotronic’s UltraMic and mobile computing.

The Ultradroid is Dodotronic’s effort to produce something that will work with Android phones and tablets to allow bat detection and possibly identification in the field. From the looks of things it’s almost ready


More info here:

and then there’s Cyberio’s Acounet Soundchaser designed for Windows tablets and netbooks:


More info here:

and there’s more interesting work from Acounet with their Bat Flight Path Tracking system which uses multiple mic’s to plot bat movement in 3D space.


Here’s a comment from Alban on the Acounet developments

“The future of bat detectors it’s coming
Hello, I’m Alban student from the University of Grenoble France. Actually I work for a startup, which has developed software and hardware in bioacoustics, especially for bats.
I have the pleasure to inform you, we are just finishing to develop The SoundChaser, a new software for bat detection on laptop and TABLET PC. I have done a short video to present you the different functionalities (Heterody, Oscillogram, Time expension, Sonogram, Timeline, File player, Recorder). Sorry it’s in French but I put subtitle in English and I didn’t show all the functionalities. I’m waiting the spring to make a new video on the field and show the advantages of this technology.

We work too on a very interesting project: Flight Path Tracking. The priciple it’s simple, we install an antenna on the field, equip with 4 microphones to register the pulses. We calculate the difference of reception of the pulse between the different microphones and thanks a powerfull algorythm we obtain the coordinates X,Y,Z of each pulse. Moreover we can reconstitute the bats trajectories in 3D environment. You can see the result on this video:
Any questions contact me

The future of bat detectors

Don’t get too excited, it’s only a mock up

The basic rule of technology is everyhting gets smaller, more capable and cheaper, though so far the application of that rule to bat detectors seems stalled at the £1000 mark for anything of serious use.

I’ve been using Ultramics for two years now to capture realtime full spectrum recordings at Myotis swarming sites. Up until now that’s required a netbook to run the software, not massively cumbersome but combine it with infrared video kit and a trek across moorland and you certainly feel the weight.

So it was good to hear from Ivano at Dodotronic that they’re working on an android compatible version of the Ultramic; the Ultradroid. A small ultrasound microphone combined with the computing power of a 7″ tablet? The potential to record, geolocate and identify bat calls in realtime all with a full colour easily visible display?

I’ve already bought a Google Nexus7 tablet, I’m ready.