Resources for Bat Workers

Below are freely available pdf files of recommended texts for bat workers; professional ecological consultants, academic researchers, roost visitors or bat group members.

Bat Worker Guidance.

BCT Bat Survey Guidelines

Bat Workers Manual – 3rd Edition (link to complete copy)

BCT – Professional Training Standards for Ecological Consultants

Natural England Bat Mitigation Guidelines

Bats in Traditional Buildings

Habitat Key for the Assessment of Potential Bat Roost Features in Trees

Bats and Onshore Wind Turbines (Interim Guidance) – Natural England TIN051

Snowdonia Bat Mitigation Pilot Project

Expedition Field Techniques – Bats

Bat Roosts in Alpine Areas: Guidelines for the Renovation of Buildings

White Nose Syndrome: Guidance for bat workers

Habitat Management for Natterer’s Bat, MTUK

The excellent Eurobats series of publications

Guidelines  for Surveillance and Monitoring of European Bats

Protection of Overground Roosts for Bats

Guidelines for the consideration of bats in wind farm projects

Protecting and Managing Underground Sites for Bats

Identification guides.

Illustrated Key to the Bats of Europe, Dietz & von Helversen. Part One

Illustrated Key to the Bats of Europe, Dietz & von Helversen. Part Two

Illustrated Key to the bats of Egypt, Dietz

Introduction to the Bats of Cyprus

Introduction to Bats of the United Arab Emirates

 Microchiropteran Bats – Global Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan, IUCN

Sound Analysis

Limits of Echolocation Calls of European Bats

Bats and Roadside Mammals Survey Wavesurfer instructions


Many of the techniques and survey methods in the above documents require a person to be a licenced bat worker.