Bats and Museums

As a Natural Sciences Curator (for a whole 21 more days before I become an ex curator), I feel duty bound to recommend you visit your local museum and find out if:

a) they have bats in their collection

b) they’d like someone to look at them

c) they’d like someone to study them

Why’s that? I hear you ask.

Well you never know just what you’ll find, there might be something worthy of further research and you’ll very likely get to test your ID skills.

Here’s what I found on a recent visit to Leeds Museum.


Labelled as Daubenton’s


This error should be straightforward.

photo3One of Arthur Whitaker’s bats (Arthur Whitaker’s Bats: a booklet reprint of edited articles from the Barnsley born ‘pioneer bat-worker ‘  that had appeared in serial form in The Naturalist in 1905-13 track it down if you can).